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1 Plug The Soft-Tampons Normal Joy Division 149050
1 Plug The Soft-Tampons Normal Joy Division 149050
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1 Plug The Soft-Tampons Normal Joy Division 149050 1 Plug The Soft-Tampons Normal Joy Division 149050 1 Plug The Soft-Tampons Normal Joy Division 149050 1 Plug The Soft-Tampons Normal Joy Division 149050 1 Plug The Soft-Tampons Normal Joy Division 149050

1 Plug The Soft-Tampons Normal Joy Division

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These tampons are the ideal alternative to tampons traditional. You can do sports and even have sexual intercourse during menstruation. These tampons are very discreet and comfortable.

- Ideal for use with spermicides;
- Adapt perfectly to the female anatomy;
- Comfortable and pleasant to use;
- Suitable for use in saunas and swimming;
- Made of sterile equipment and hygienic;
- Dermatologically and clinically tested;
- Highly absorbent;
- Very simple to use;
- Is almost unnoticeable during sexual intercourse;
- Do not contaminate the Environment and without chemicals;
- Each box includes a sample of AQUAglide and a calendar of the menstrual cycle;
- Produced in Germany.

The instructions for this product contain very important information about SCT (Toxic Shock Syndrome), a rare, but very serious.

1 cap.

Make sure you wash your hands before you insert or remove the cap!


1. Remove the cap of the film.

2. To facilitate the insertion, we recommend to apply a small amount of lubricant (we recommend AQUAglide original) to the plug (dry), or by moistening it with clean water. Squeeze well after so that it can absorb as much fluid as possible.

3. Crouch or sit on the toilet is the easiest way to enter.

4. Place the index finger on one of the flat sides of the cap, secure the cap of the hand between the thumb and the middle finger and squeezes. With its new form, resembling an arrow, the caps moles have a fine point. The two wings are placed face down to form a groove at the bottom in which to place a finger while pushing the cap to the position during insertion.
Use the other hand to open the labia and, using your index finger or middle finger, push the buffer into the vagina until the cap reaches the neck of the uterus (see diagram).

How long do I use it:

Change your tampon (just like any other tampon) at regular intervals. How much time do you use a buffer will depend on the weight of your period. You may have to change plugs more frequently at the beginning of your period (approx. every 3 to 5 hours). When your period is ending, the duration should be about 5 to a maximum of 8 hours. However, we recommend that you switch to every 4 to 6 hours. You reduce the risk of hiv infection, by changing the Buffer after swim, or after sexual intercourse without condoms.

The cap can be easily removed using the handle, pulling the handle with your index or middle finger. However, if you find it difficult to remove a tampon, we recommend that you adopt a position of squatting, because now the depth of the vagina is reduced from 9 to 10 cm up to 4 cm to 5 cm. For additional pressure, the plug moves down, it is easier to reach. Shower vaginal may also be useful, a buffer-soaked slide automatically down and can be easier.

And finally:

The caps moles are safe for use with condoms and the coil contraceptive. If a coil contraceptive was only recently inserted, please consult your doctor before use. If a cap can't be removed, you should seek medical advice immediately. Do not forget to remove the last Tampon at the end of your period!


How much liquid can be absorbed by the Buffer Soft? Cap Soft fits securely?

The absorption capacity of the liquids is despite its light weight of only 2 grams top and has absorption comparable to the absorption capacity of a buffer common health.

Covers moles seem to be quite large!
To the side of the size "normal", caps, soft are also available in a variation of the "mini". However, the variable material of the plugs it adapts to the shape of the female body.

Caps conventional sanitary swell after being inserted, while the Cap Soft Original is already their final size. The cellular material may be compressed to insert it. My partner will notice the Cap during sexual intercourse?

Not, it is important, however, that the plug is inserted deep enough - which means with one of the sides directly in front of the cervix.
Note that for women who lack lubrication, the vaginal entrance can get quite dry with the insertion of the Soft-Tampon Original, so make sure you use some type of lubricant.

Can I use the tampon and a condom together? Of course you can! The surface of the Tampon Soft the original is
Soft and can not harm the condom in any way.

The material is associated with an increased risk of a rare disease called toxic shock syndrome (TSS)?
Studies indicate that the use of tampons can increase your risk of getting TSS, menstrual. However, the risk when using tampons soft is not higher or lower than use tampons traditional. We recommend that you use a tampon with the lowest absorbency that meets your needs of menstrual flow and you can use them for no more
8 hours. Always enter and then remove with clean hands.




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