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Showing 1 - 40 of 3017 items

Our 10 Tips for Successful Shopping

Welcome to the biggest sexshop in Portugal! To help you find sexual happiness, we leave you with our 10 tips for choosing well!


A sensual lingerie is central and one of the most basic requirements to spice up and arouse desires. She can work miracles! Well-fitting, it enhances your body and dra...

Our 10 Tips for Successful Shopping

Welcome to the biggest sexshop in Portugal! To help you find sexual happiness, we leave you with our 10 tips for choosing well!


A sensual lingerie is central and one of the most basic requirements to spice up and arouse desires. She can work miracles! Well-fitting, it enhances your body and draws attention to your points! You will dazzle and make him/her drool over you! Who can resist a good erotic seduction?

That's why, one of the best ways to mess with your libido is to look in the mirror and feel beautiful. So what are you waiting for to buy that lingerie that fits all measurements? Romantic, sensual, daring, delicate women invest in their secret drawer… of lingerie!

Women's or Men's Lingerie  CLICK HERE


They are recommended by all sexologists to spice up your relationship. Some men think you're not happy with his penis. But in fact they are more of a form of fun and pleasure intensifying. Explain it to him! And come shopping with him! In your bed, with your secret lingerie, you two choose what you are going to buy! Don't think twice about discovering a new sexual happiness! They tend to take you to heights in a few minutes!
Besides, they are great friends for those who need to discover their body, they help you understand your rhythm and know where you feel the most pleasure.
In fact, many women have found that the only way to orgasm is with a toy like this. When you try one you can pinch yourself because it's really true! You'll just want to order another one! Just make sure the batteries are charged!

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3. Dildos

Dildos are perfect for those who like something a little more realistic in their sex toys. They are ideal if you need some kind of internal stimulation to reach orgasm and can hit other points like the G-spot, tilting during insertion.

The most popular are the realistic and glass dildos - the realistic because of the simply irresistible feel of them and glass for the unique sensations they create. However, each dildo has its purpose. There are double-ended and strap-on dildos, which are perfect for those who feel a little more adventurous.

In our sexshop we only have quality dildos and they are selected with high rigor and always with the help of a group of experts.


4. Balls and Eggs

Using these balls will help keep your pelvic area in shape. They strengthen vaginal muscles leading to more intense sensations during sex and stronger orgasms. The vibrating eggs with command give extra pleasure inside or outside the bedroom.
Kegel balls are a very exciting sex toy. Inside each ball is another smaller ball with another weight that rolls smoothly, giving a discreet internal pleasure associated with pelvic training.

Kegel Exercises and Kegel Balls CLICK HERE

Kegel Balls CLICK HERE

5. Toys for Anal Sex

Once you get over your initial fear of anal play and realize that the entire area is rich in nerve endings that love to be teased and stimulated, you'll never look back.

  • Anal Balls

Anal anal balls are probably the best place to start, because of their ease of use, graduated size, and non-intimidating appearance. You can start by inserting a smaller ball and then work your way up to use them all.

Anal Balls CLICK HERE< /a>

  • Anal Dildos

Anal dildos provide greater sensations and are available in different shapes and sizes, making them ideal for men, women and couples. Likewise, the ends give this incredible feeling of fullness.

Anal dildos CLICK HERE

  • Plugs

Plugs improve your orgasms during foreplay, sex or solo. There is a wide range of sizes and materials and they give both men and women extra sensations.


6. Lubricants

If you haven't tried using a lubricant yet, pay attention: there is a new generation of products that have been created to improve your love life and make sex much more incredible and irresistible.
Water-based lubricants and suitable for all games although they can dry quickly so don't be afraid to reapply it during longer sex sessions.
Many women experience some dryness during certain times of the month and as they get older these are situations that can happen. So using a lube will make it so much better!
They are essential for having a good time during anal sex. If you want to have these moments and make them really happy, you really have to have a good lubricant!
The flavored lubricants can make oral sex even more fun for everyone, and the new varieties of flavors are amazing.

Lubricants CLICK HERE

7. Cock Ring or Cockring

The cock ring is one of the most popular toys. Despite being best sellers, some couples are still wary of buying one of these to spice up their relationship. Why?
Some basic information can make your doubts clear and your insecurity broken. The good thing about the cock ring (whether with or without vibration) is that it is not an accessory to be used in foreplay, but during penetration and sexual intercourse itself.
It is placed at the base of the penis. penis and allows longer lasting erections, that is, by holding the blood, the device makes the man harder and erect for longer, allowing him and the woman to feel more pleasure during the sexual act.
The The device also causes a certain delay in male orgasm and ejaculation, being ideal for those men who cannot control themselves for so long, providing a more intense orgasm for both, at the end of the act. When using the vibrating cockring, it will vibrate against the clitoris and provide a welcome additional stimulus for the couple.

Cockrings CLICK HERE


Learn how to give a perfect sexual massage to make your sex much better.
Having a sexual massage opens the way to much more incredible moments.
Erotic Massage is an expression of love and desire that will provide your partner with all the comfort he/she needs for a perfect sexual relationship. You will notice that sex will become much more intense after that.
There is a wide range of products that will help you to have these moments!


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9. Male masturbators

They're an excellent first-time sex toy for men - they're easy to use, easy to clean, and give off-the-beaten-path stimulation. They also allow you to experiment with a wide variety of textures and styles.


10. Aphrodisiacs and Stimulants

Stimulating creams increase the sensitivity of the clitoris and penis. The excitement levels will reach incredible levels. They allow the penis to maintain a very strong erection and the vagina to remain lubricated at all times. They provide more intense orgasms.

Natural aphrodisiacs improve your sexual performance and will lead to happier and more intense sex!